Notes on the Warlords Alpha Notes: Aka, Stuff to Complain About

This is my list of things I want to address regarding the Warlords patch notes.  I was considering not posting these, but since this is a lot of stuff and I’m not sure when or if I’ll get to all of it, then here ya go.


  • The removal of Disarm Trap and its ramifications for our status as special snowflakes in PvE.  (Side note:  What about Glyph of Swirly Ball?!)
  • Find Weakness uptime for Subtlety rogues.  Starting already beyond the sweet-spot?
  • CP on rogue:  C’mon guys, really?  CP on target is a unique weakness!  Weakness are required and the unique variety is the best variety!
  • Tricks of the Trade:  The right direction, but is it worth it?  Perhaps give it a targetless option to negate threat.
  • +20% damage to X perks:  Cool for about a day, then its how it is.  Maybe kinda boring in comparison, but I suppose all are like that.
  • Revisiting Positional Requirements:  But seriously.
  • Enhanced Premeditation:  Because having choice in what talents to take is for losers.  (Also, Empowered FoK)

2 thoughts on “Notes on the Warlords Alpha Notes: Aka, Stuff to Complain About

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