Hail’s List of Worthwhile Warcraft Videos

I thought I’d make a list of some of my very favorite WoW videos.  It’ll be loosely categorized.  If there’s a video you think I should check out and perhaps add, feel free to mention it in a comment!


CraniusPresents (Plus some Legs)

Cranius definitely has my favorite wow videos.  Most are songs sung by him, many are humorous, and some are made in conjunction with Legs who does the visuals.

Big Blue Dress – Cranius (By the way, back then folks had about 4k HP.)

Highwayman – Cranius/Highwaymen (:P)

The Story – Legs/Cranius

Happy Place – Legs/Cranius

Don’t Make Me Get My Main – Legs/Cranius Required listening for anyone about to go out ganking.  I linked the Legs version that has bloopers at the end, if you don’t want those, watch the one on Cranius’ channel.

The Lament of Captain Placeholder

Darrowshire – Cranius/Tydup This one gives me chills.



Machinimist, musician/singer, and classy gent, you could say this person has it all.  Of course, you’d be wrong.

Inventing Swear Words Series –  Great series here, I’m linking a playlist to all of them but the best are the odd numbered ones.

Gnome Overboard



World of Warcraft – Frost Shock! – Crafting Worlds

Welcome to the Deadmines – See credits.  This video came out just before the Cata’s Deadmines revamp.

The Ballad of the Noob – Stone Falcon Productions

The Craft of War: BLIND – Percula  Copies of this video have been removed for legal reasons, in case this link doesn’t work.  It is simply phenomenal machinima.


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