Rouge Legion Origins: Gyroscope

The story of how Gyroscope became involved with the Rouge Legion.  As of this time only the first chapter has been released, which was posted on the official forums by Gyroscope but then removed.  The version posted here is a revised version, which is more in line with the rules of the legionverse.  All versions are authored by Gyroscope; illustration by Patrick Best.

Illustration by Patrick Best

Chapter 1: Invitations

“Hyah!” Gyroscope leapt through the air at the target dummy, both blades pointed forward toward it’s middle.  With a satisfying feel of resistance, the blades sunk into the dummy right in the kill zone.  Gyro brushed the sweat off his forehead and yanked the blades out of the dummy.  Hopefully this time it will have been good enough for master Tanto.

“Not good enough!”  Dammit.  “You’re still flailing about in the air.  A good way to catch a stray arrow or blow to the legs, wouldn’t you agree?”  Master Tantojutsu, a wizened old gnome and revered instructor of the rogueish arts in Ironforge, had hand-picked Gyroscope from a long list of recruits.  And Gyroscope was beginning to regret it.

“I’m trying, but I just lose focus on anything but my blades and the target!”  Gyro snapped back.  This was his 56th attempt at the move so far, and despite his progress, each failure felt as bad as the last.

“You lack discipline!  You must be aware of much more in a fight.  Your entire being as well as your blades, not to mention your opponent, and most importantly your surroundings.  For every seen enemy, two more lurk in the shadows.  Remember this, and maybe you’ll make a decent rogue one day!”  Tanto then tossed a throwing dagger at him, aiming at his non-vitals.  This was one of his favorite tricks in his training routines, meant to help the students be cautious and alert.

With a flourish Gyroscope’s right hand swung and knocked the dagger into a wooden support beam to the side of the training area.  “I know that, but it’s easier said than done,” Gyro grumbled.  “It’s kind of hard to do that when” was all he managed to get out.

A loud BOOM rocked the caverns, and a shower of pebbles fell from the ceiling on the pair of gnomes.  Gyroscope’s head snapped to his teacher, who dismissed him with a quick “Go, they will need you.”  He nodded and sprinted out of the training area, skidding along the smooth stone floors as he raced towards the hangars.  Running down the rough stone shortcut to the hangar, he could see cracks forming in the walls and ceiling, some wide enough to stick his hand into.  With a shake of his head he darted around the next corner out into the main passageways, a surge of adrenaline rushing through him.

BOOM.  Not again!  Another shockwave nearly tripped him as he slid into the hangar.  He quickly leaped into the cockpit of his own personal warplane, which he called the Shadow Blade, and hit the ignition.  Its black color and sharp-as-steel wings had been the bane of many horde parties in the Dun Morogh area in the past, and today was looking to be no different.  Clenching his teeth, Gyro hit the accelerator and blasted out of the mountainside, leaving behind a wake of rags and overturned tool carts.

Gyroscope nosed the Shadow Blade into a quick spiral, gaining altitude as well as a better view of the fighting below. He noticed the source of the shockwaves immediately: Horde siege tanks, back behind an entire legion of Orc and Undead warriors.  The thinner lines of Dwarven guards were holding them back for now, and the Gnomish siege engines dotted along the mountainside were helping, but the outcome was looking grim.  Looking to the wooden support beams on the enemy siege tanks, he set the Shadow Blade in a nosedive.

A few yards from the ground, he pulled up, almost immediately flying level to the ground.  Yet another reason not to trust a Dwarf with Gnomish technology he thought as he laughed aloud.  The Orcs and Undead saw him flying low above them, and a few even tried swinging their axes at him, but it was too late.  With a quick jerk on the yolk, the Shadow Blade’s right wing sliced through the support beams on the first siege tank.  Success!  With a grin, he made quick work of the rest of them, then set out to see if he could use the blades just as effectively on some of the warriors below.

After turning the Shadow Blade in a quick arc, Gyroscope lined up the plane with the left flank of Orc warriors when suddenly something whizzed right at him.  With a sharp Clang something had lodged itself in the left engine, causing smoke to trail the craft.   This low to the ground, there was no way he could regain control in time, or even set it down somewhere to make repairs with the battle raging nearby.  With a cry of anguish, Gyroscope flicked the emergency release and was launched a good 50 feet into the air, watching his plane crash into the ground.  My greatest creation and best weapon, felled by a mere throwing star.  Someone’s going to pay dearly.  He pulled out his daggers and cut the lines to the parachute and dropped toward the ground.  At the last second the rocket jets in his boots ignited, slowing his fall right before the ground, and he dropped landing in a puff of snow.  Orcs and Undead alike gasped with awe, then grinned and surrounded the gnome.  So I’m just an easy target, eh?  I’ll show them how wrong they are!

Crimson blood flashed through the air from the first Orc’s neck before it even knew what hit it, and the second had a deep gash in its chest soon after.  With a shout the remaining Orcs and Undead charged forward, and with a gurgle they slumped to the ground.  So pathetic.  Wiping the blood off of his daggers on an Undead warrior’s sleeve, he turned to walk away when he heard a familiar whizzing sound past his ear.  Looks like my assailant has decided to show up after all.  With a quick backflip and a firm grip on his weapons, he looked to his opponent through the trees.  A blood elf here, amongst all these Orcs and Undead?  The elf, with reddish hair and a look of confidence on her face, stood opposite him in a small clearing, all the other Orcs and Undead long gone after seeing what had happened to their friends.

“I’m surprised, I didn’t think you would survive a crash this close to the ground,” the elf called out.

“You’ll find I’m not so easy to kill as your … friends,” he said back as he gestured to the bodies around him.

“These idiots are no match for me on their best day, and if my information is correct, you won’t be much of a problem either.”

“No match?  I’ll show you!”  Gyroscope rushed at the blood elf, the rage of losing the Shadow Blade fueling his strikes.  She matched his attacks stab for stab, even scoring a few cuts along his arms and a deep gash in his thigh, until Gyro tried for a quick kick to the ribs.  The blood elf sidestepped his attack, but before Gyroscope could react she knocked one of his daggers out of his hand into a nearby snowbank.  As soon as the blade left his hand, a small light on the back of his gloves started to blink.  Within a few seconds the blinking increased to a solid glow, and the dagger suddenly shot out of the snowbank right back into Gyro’s hand with a solid Clink.   A good thing I finished these prototypes the other day, and even better the magnets in the hilts and on the gloves still stick!  A quick flick of his wrist and a small jet burst from the dagger brought his arm around just in time to block a downward slash from the blood elf.

“Time to go all out!”  With that the jets on Gyroscope’s blades flared into life, nearly flying out of his hands.  Gyro struck out against the blood elf, now with significantly faster strikes and stabs.  The blood elf grunted and swung back hard.  Ducking underneath her swing, Gyro stabbed back, only to have her other blade swing down to block his attack.

After a few more swings of their blades clashing, the blood elf jumped back, holding her blades at the ready.  Gyroscope took advantage of this and jumped back, doing a backflip in midair.  Before his boots hit the ground, the jets inside them roared alight, launchhing him forward to meet his foe.  He brought his blades up to stab her, just the way he was training earlier.  It will all be over soon.

Or so he thought.  The blood elf flashed a smirk, and then she was gone.  Gyroscope gasped, it was too late for him to change his attack or even change trajectory at this point.  She reappeared underneath him and spun in midair.  Oh crap, not this again.  Her leg connected with Gyro’s, sending him spiraling into the branches of a nearby tree.

“Alright, I think that’s quite enough Caera.”  Great, now whose here?

Gyro popped his head out from the branches, left hanging upside down from the elf’s attack.  “Just who are you supposed to be?” he called to the voice.

“I am the reason you are here.”  The voice came from the shadows of the trees around the clearing, and within those shadows emerged an undead in a dark cloak and a hood.  “It’s come to our attention that you are a rogue with notable skills, and surviving your match with Caera certainly helped your case.  I extend to you an invitation to join the Rouge Legion.”

“Rouge Legion?  Certainly you mean Rogue!  Wait, why am I even listening to you, you’re probably behind this attack on the city!”  Gyroscope leapt down from the branches, grunting and falling over in the soft snow.

“You’re listening because you’re interested, as we knew you would be; otherwise we would not have bothered” Caera spoke out, crossing the clearing and offering him a bandage.  “Use this on your leg, it should heal up on its own soon enough.”

Gyroscope grunted a thanks as the undead spoke again; “While it may not be aptly named, the Legion has its purpose, one we believe you could be of use for.  We strive to control the balance of order and chaos in this world, and our observation tells us you have a keen sense of judgment.  Caera can fill you in on the way back to headquarters.”


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