From Strong to Weak: Kiwe’s Anthology

This was originally intended to be the story of Kiwe up to the point of her joining the Rouge Legion.  Unfortunately, only chapter one was ever published.  It was written by Kiwe and originally posted here.

Chapter One: Homecoming

In her mind that is all she needed nothing more, and nothing less but strength. As long as you had it there was nothing else you needed. Eventually she learned otherwise. When her way of life started to crack and shatter around her she would turn to an unlikely rag tag crew of others. ~ Author’s comment.

I’m home, she thought as she marched forward from the tunnel of furbolgs from Felwood into the lush snow filled world of Winterspring. Each step her feet were buried in several inches of snow and seeping into her shoes reminding her how short her legs were and how cold the environment really was. Being gone from her home so long has reminded her that not even the snows of Northrend were comparable to her old stomping grounds. For a minute she looked around taking the sites and remembering her past. Playing with the animals, other goblins her age and exploring the caves as the risk of her life. With a deep breath she released the tension from her body leaving a smile on her face.

Digging into her pockets she pulled out a whistle pressed it against her lips and blew into it. The sound echoed off the mountains resonating to the sound. From the sky above a shadow formed and was closing in. The shadow touched down to the group to be a wyvern embroidered in red armor and walking toward her. With her hand stretched out she placed it on top of its head.

“Are you ready to hit the skies, Calne?” With a thunderous roar it bucked back showing her its back. “I guess so!” Jumping on its back and pulling the reins and going into the air. The wind blowing against her face stung but she didn’t care: she was headed back home to see her friends, her family and to reminisce about old times prior to joining the struggle against Deathwing to save Azeroth. She encountered a lot of fearsome beasts and monsters during the struggle. In the end she finally had something to show in this still ongoing struggle: a pair of daggers forged from the creatures in Deathwings takeover of Wyrmrest Temple—a powerful set of daggers daggers that were said to possibly cause madness if not treated in the right hands. They weren’t finished yet but once they were they are said to be the most powerful weapons in existence.

Looking around she got to see her home in the greatest point of view. She never thought she would get to see what she knew growing up in such a more majestic and amazing angle. After a while she finally got to see the settlement she was born in and grew up from, Everlook.

“Calne, go down! We’re here,” growling in understanding it started to descend to the ground next to the other wyverns where the attendant was tending to them. The middle aged man turned around and a smile started to form on his face. He walked forward placing his hands on his hips as the female goblin jumped down off her wyvern and meeting him half way.
“My, my, how you’ve grown in the time you left us. Filled out in the right places I see,” he began to laugh as her face formed a slight frown in disapproval, “I’m just kidding welcome home Adrina!”

“How long it has been since I have heard my old name but I had to learn to be called by a new one, well, a codename rather.”

“A codename, huh? I guess it would make since they probably wouldn’t want your enemies learning something that would cripple you.”

“Sounds about right but our battle axe of a warchief could care less if we got caught,” her face started to straighten up and a small smile formed back onto her face, “Are my family home right now?”

“Not right now, they went to Orgimmar to get some supplies. Go on inside and wait on them. They will be glad to see you after all this time.”

“I’ll do just that. Thank you!” grabbing her things off Calne sne walked under the archway and into Everlook. This would be the last few days she would be who she was, Adrina the goblin.

With her bags on her back and looking around town an ease came over her. Some new faces but other than that nothing has changed. She also had to remind herself of her town’s neutrality as well. This was she seen a gnome talking to one of the villagers talking about one of her friends and yetis. The result afterwards was rather humorous. Not to mention either a High Elf or a Blood Elf moved in as well. He was talking fancy and was putting on quite the display. Beyond that her lovable hometown was just the same.

She came up to a small hut, next to the inn and took a peek inside. Prone to what her parents were capable of the inside was a mess. Why am I not surprised at this? Then again they are engineers at heart. she proceeded to go inside setting her bags on the ground and taking a set at an oil covered table making sure she didn’t dirty her clothing more than it already was. Being home for the first time in almost a full year has given her a sense of serenity that was missing from her life. The feeling of being home again was comforting. The sounds of nature, the sounds of machinery, the townspeople, the snow and the cold; all of it was part of her and the heritage she thrived on.

From the opposite side of the room she heard a small shuffle and a soft voice rose above the sounds. Gentle like falling snow, fragile like glass was the best way to describe it.

“Who’s there?” it asked as tapping on the ground was made coming forward was a child. Auburn hair, light complexion, slender face and holding a crutch. It made its way around piled boxes then looked forward.

“Who’s there?” the voice asked again with a hint of fright along with some tremble in the voice.

“Calm down, it’s me. Adrina,” replying back softly making sure it was loud and audible. The small child’s face became to cheer up and a small formed on her face as she dropped the crutches and put her hands forward taking small steps and feeling around for obstacles. She finally felt her way around to the feel of warm flesh wrapping around it and squeezing as hard as she could.

“Sis, it’s you! It really is you! I missed you so much.” Her voice started to get higher and more energetic while she continued to squeeze her sister. This was the kind of thing Adrina missed the whole time, the warmth of her family. The harsh dealings with everything she dealt with the past from Cho’gall, Ragnaros, and the continuing fight with Deathwing himself proved a strong emotional toll on her. Something like this was just what she needed to beacon her back to sanity.

“I missed you, too.” Adrina laughed as she put her arms around her embracing her as well. Rubbing her back then rising up into her hair ruffling it up then let go while her sister did the same.

“Where is our parents? I was told then went to Ogrimmar for errands?”

“They did. They said they ran out of rocket fuel for their machinery.”

“They couldn’t make it their selves with what they have here? I mean look at all this! This is worse than how I left!”

“They ran out of firebloom.” Upon hearing that Adrina sighed putting her head down.

“I guess that would make sense. So how long ago did they leave?”

“About two days ago. The round trip is about that so they should be home in a couple of hours. I know they would be glad to see you again.”

“I know they would also,” she steeled her voice for what she was about to ask, “How is your condition?” Her sister fell silent looking away then lost the cheer in her treble.

“They still don’t know yet. They say that someone must be pulling on my soul. They say it had something to do with the Twilight’s Hammer coming from Hyjal into Winterspring.”

A while back during the fight with Cho’gall and the Twilight’s Hammer cult some made their way into Winterspring causing terror trying to use elementals to destroy the environment there and any possible support that could be provided to the Alliance and Horde there. The place is still intact but with a few changes. The furbolgs lose a settlement or two, more hunters game into the area and there is a new pathway going into Hyjal from Winterspring. The damage done was problematic and not easily fixed.

While Adrina wasn’t there to help defend it she did get firsthand accounts in letters from home talking about it. During one of the assaults the Twilight’s Hammer made a couple of people fell sick and lost considerable amount of strength. Adrina’s sister was one of them. People were making claims that they got ahold of some power to take away peoples souls and make a weapon out of it. People affected first lose their eyesight, their ability to walk, then finally the ability to breathe.

“I’m sorry,” Adrina replied with her voice going down as low as her sisters, “I didn’t mean to ask that as I did.”

“Don’t worry Sis, there wasn’t much you could do. Regardless of things I’m glad you’re home though. How long will you be here?”

“About a few days: I pleaded to get at least a few days before we actually tried to defeat Deathwing. I’ll never know what will happen so I want to have the time I can be with my family before then.”

Adrina pulled out a chair and helped her sister sit down. They continued to have a pleasant conversation until their parents arrived home with the reagents for their rocket fuel. After a while the sun began to burn its light and leaving nothing but the moon in its wake. Their parents had yet to return and it was long past the few hours, and the two day round trip.


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