Reasons to Nerf Hunters

Pretty basic list, I honestly don’t think any of these require any explaining.  Do tell me if I forget anything.

  1. They suck.
  2. They took our weapons.
  3. They take our trinkets.
  4. They suck.
  5. They take our necklaces.
  6. They take our rings.
  7. They suck.
  8. They take our other rings.
  9. They suck.
  10. They suck.
  11. *Shakes fist*  HUNTERS!!!!
  12. Fake-stealth.
  13. Pets.
  14. They suck.
  15. Ranged class.
  16. They took our ranged weps.
  17. Counter-abilities.
  18. Copied abilities.
  19. They suck.
  20. And finally…they are hunters.

Of course I’m sure more reasonable readers would only need one of these to see that hunters need to be nerfed, you never know.


One thought on “Reasons to Nerf Hunters

  1. You forgot one: They suck.

    Oh, no, wait, sorry. It’s there.

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