Subtlety Theorycrafting Agenda

The hotfix earlier this week which buffed Subtlety by 8% and nerfed Assassination by 4% has dramatically increased interest in Subtlety theorycrafting.  Unfortunately, Sub has gotten very little attention in this department, and there’s a pretty long list of things that need to be figured out.  I’ll be using SimulationCraft to try to find some of the answers to these questions.  When I do, I’ll be posting them in this blog along with the rotations and caveats, so that hopefully other people can tell me what I did wrong.  That said, the first thing I’m going to do is share my agenda.  The order I put things in is the order that I want to complete them.  All that said:  The primary reason I’m posting this here is so that people can suggest different orders, extra things to test, or do some tests themselves (See notes if you do this).  Keep in mind that some of these things are in the backend and if anything is wrong, I can/will change them for the next release.

So, here goes:

  • Verify Ambush damage is correct.
  • Verify Eviscerate damage is correct.
  • Verify FoK damage is correct.
  • Verify CT damage is correct.
  • Verify SV hotfix is working (actually this is a low priority but should be gotten done while I’m in the backend)
  • Check Preparation, this should be used way more often, perhaps its on GCD?
  • Check if Vanish, ShD, SB, and ShM trigger the GCD (they shouldn’t)
  • Check SnD refresh behavior (verify it keeps last tick).
  • Check Subterfuge implementation.
  • Quickly check rotation to correct any glaring flaws or make obvious fixes.
  • Check Shadow Blades usage (On-CD, with ShD, with FW but no ShD, with no FW, also with different versions of AoC).
  • Check rotation, compare with my own and see where I can optimize (this is something I’d love help with)
  • Implement buffed/debuffed phases, CP pooling.
  • Recheck Shadow Blades usage if the rotation changed substantially.
  • Verify Glyph of Sharpened Knives works properly.
  • Optimize the other rogue sims.
  • Compare DPS in various situations, including AoE.
  • Sabotage the hunter sim.


All tests should be done with a 2/2 upgraded normal AoC, 2/2 upgraded normal MH dagger, and 2/2 upgraded legendary cloak, and using Night Elves (removing ShadowMeld from the rotation).  This is not the default set.  All other items should be normal mode with no upgrades.  If you do any tests, it is very important that you make them public, preferably by sending me your results and a copy of the profile so I can analyze them and post them here if I deem them relevant.

I’ll be updating this post as things change, again any suggestions, help, or criticism would be greatly appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Subtlety Theorycrafting Agenda

  1. Pathal says:

    Add ‘Verify Eviscerate’s Damage’ to the list. Looks like direct_power_mod .20 should be .18.

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