Hi, I’m Haileaus, and welcome to my blog.  In this post I’m going to try to give you an idea of what to expect from this blog.  Actually, I’m not going to try to do that, since I don’t know what to expect myself.  Instead, I’m just going to tell you why I made this and hope you can figure it out from there.


The idea to make a blog came from a friend after he beat me out in a columnist position for WoW Insider.  Speaking of which, I should probably level a horde on his server and gank him for that.  At first I was hesitant to create a blog, since I’ve never thought I had much to say that wasn’t covered by other resources.  Then I realized something:  I don’t care!

Whether posting on the official forums, consulting theorycrafters and guide writers about the class (ok, fine, Subtlety), editing my guide, tweeting, or commenting on R^3/WI/EJ, I try to be professional.  Now sure, I don’t always succeed, but unless I’m in a bad mood I usually keep my opinions to myself.  If I am in a bad mood, well I’ll usually temper them quite a bit anyway.

Here, I’m not going to be the Haileaus, and if anyone or everyone has a problem with that, then too fucking bad.  Until then, you’re welcome to watch me fool around on this little playground of mine.

PS:  I very often don’t feel like editing what I write.

EDIT:  Sometimes I do, and I feel compelled to reiterate the subtitle of my blog:  NO HUNTERS!


One thought on “Hi

  1. In the words of Martha Stewart, who I’m sure would choose to play a rogue over a hunter: This is a very good thing.

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